Sustainable development


"Sustainable development implies meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs...".

The different aspects of this challenge are illustrated by the three-dimensional model of sustainable development, which has three goals: economic efficiency, social solidarity and ecological responsibility.

We must seek a balance between these three sometimes conflicting dimensions and integrate this goal in all policy areas, globally and locally.

Sustainable development cannot be imposed, it is constructed with all the stakeholders. In other words, we are all accountable and we must all take action both politically and as private citizens.

Based on our study of the recommendations of, the profilEVENT tool, Agenda 21 of the Olympic Movement and the guide for planning environmentally friendly events, there are 7 issues we must address when organising the Crans-Montana World University Golf Championship.

The 7 issues and our actions:

1. General
Write, publish and apply the concept of sustainable development
Create an Ethics Charter (link to pdf file)

2. Food and Sourcing
Educate partners about sustainable development (vegetarian meals, organic, local, seasonal or fair trade products)

3. Waste and Littering
Display results electronically on screens and on the website in real time

4. Traffic and Transportation
Provide group transport for participants from Geneva Airport to the Hôtel du Golf in Crans with a bus system to transport participants and equipment
Provide accommodations in 3 locations near the venue within walking distance to the golf course and the town centre: the Hôtel du Golf, the Hôtel Belmont and the Sporting Club restaurant

Set up a CO2 offset programme with the municipalities concerned

5. Energy and Infrastructure
Use existing accommodation facilities, parking places, trails and golf courses

6. Nature, Landscape and Noise
No temporary or permanent damage to the landscape

7. Ethical and Social Issues
The Ethics Charter promotes the concepts of respect, impartiality and integrity (see Charter)
Collaborate with Antidoping Switzerland to fight against doping.
Do not accept advertising sponsorship from the alcohol or tobacco industries
The medals are made by hand in Switzerland
The polo shirts given to participants, assistant organisers and the committee are made by SWITCHER, a socially responsible company committed to the environment and ensuring 100% traceability

Marianne Bruchez

Sustainable development